The Armory Show at 100: New Perspectives

Thomas Bender
Casey Nelson Blake
Michele Bogart
Charles Brock
Elizabeth Carlson
John Davis
Betsy Fahlman
Jodi Hauptman
Kenneth T. Jackson
Jackson Lears
Kimberly Orcutt
Rebecca Rabinow
Anna Gruetzner Robins
Barbara Schaefer
Chris Stephens
Sat, 11/09/2013 -
08:45 to 17:30
Sat, November 9th, 2013 |
8:45 am to 5:30 pm

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The 1913 Armory Show introduced Americans to avant-garde art with a ground-breaking display that shook the foundations of the art world and helped inaugurate a new era in New York culture.

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The Age of Revolution: A Whole History

Louise Mirrer
Richard Rabinowitz
Ted Widmer
Laurent Dubois
Jeremy D. Popkin
Patrick Tardieu
Julia Gaffield
J. Michael Dash
Vincent Brown
Cathy Matson
Ashli White
Ira Berlin
Jeremy Adelman
David Armitage
Thomas Bender
Sat, 01/21/2012 - 09:00
Sat, January 21st, 2012 | 9:00 am

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This conference focuses on the increased emphasis in recent decades by historians on the transnational history of the Atlantic world; the importance of the Caribbean in 18th-century politics, war and economy; links among the political revolutions in British North America, France and Saint-Domingue; the emergence of antislavery movements; and the enormous historical significance of the revolution in Saint-Domingue/Haiti. Continental breakfast at 9 am.

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