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Field Trips
Grades 3 through 5


Special Exhibition Programs

Silicon City: Computer History Made in New York
November 13, 2015–April 17, 2016
Long before Silicon Valley became synonymous with all things digital, New York was a hub for imagining, developing, and selling the computer technology that ultimately reshaped entertainment, commerce, and daily life. During a guided tour of this groundbreaking exhibition, students will examine images, artifacts, and interactives to uncover this lesser known tale of our modern age. Students will then participate in an introductory coding workshop in an N-YHS computer lab, made possible through the generous support of Google.

Free for all NYC Public and Private Schools and all Title I schools outside the metro area, courtesy of Google, Inc.

Superheroes in Gotham
October 9, 2015–February 21, 2016
Comic book superheroes are a modern cultural phenomenon. Touring this interactive exhibition, students will learn about superheroes’ origins in New York City; trace their leap from the page into radio, television, and ultimately film; and consider the ways in which early superheroes continue to influence the work of contemporary comic book artists, cartoonists, and painters in New York City.

Playing in the Past
October 30, 2015–February 28, 2016
This winter, the New-York Historical Society will be transformed by an enchanting exhibit of model trains and toys from the Jerni Collection. Students will learn about the lives of children long ago and the history of toys and play through a hands-on, inquiry-based exploration of this exciting exhibition. All aboard!


Permanent Collection Programs

Life in New Amsterdam
Students learn about the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, from the reasons for its founding to the realities of daily life.

The American Revolution in New York
Students consider the causes, effects, and significance of the American Revolution in New York.

Slavery in New York
Students uncover the central roles enslaved African people played in Dutch, British, and American New York.

New York City: Then and Now
Students explore the evolution of our city, comparing and contrasting daily life across the centuries.

New York and the Civil War
Students learn about the experiences of soldiers and analyze the debates that raged in New York over slavery, states’ rights, and the rights of citizens.

Students investigate how life in New York City was transformed by the innovations of the Industrial Age

Learning History with Paintings
Students learn how to interpret the stories told in portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes.

Objects Tell Stories
Students analyze historical artifacts to discover what they tell us about life long ago.

Being a Historian
Students learn to think and work like historians in order to draw conclusions about the past.


DiMenna Children’s History Museum

History Detectives
Students learn to work like historians by engaging in close examination of artifacts. Then, they explore the gallery for clues to place their objects in the proper historical context, learning content and building their vocabulary through a process of discovery.


To download a PDF of these programs, click here. If you have any questions, please contact us at 212-485-9293

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