Revolution! The Atlantic World Reborn


Revolution! The Atlantic World Reborn explores the enormous transformations in the world’s politics and culture between the 1763 triumph of the British Empire in the Seven Years’ War and the end of  the Napoleonic Wars fifty-two years later. The exhibition vividly illustrates three globally influential  revolutions—in America, France, and Haiti—and creates a framework for understanding how they set the world on a new, irreversible course of action and how they sparked more radical calls for a recognition of universal human rights.

The traveling exhibition is designed in a modular format to allow for a flexible configuration. The suggested space is approximately 1,500 square feet (140 square meters). The physical organization of the exhibition includes a series of 12-15 modular wall panels with cases measuring approximately 42 inches wide by 78 inches high (1.07 meters wide x 1.98 meters high) each. The individual modules include reproductions of historical documents and works of art as well as original documents, artifacts, and works of art suitable for travel. The installation is designed to accommodate the addition of collections from venues.

Tour Schedule

Venue Dates
John Carter Brown Library (Providence, RI) January 14–April 14, 2014
Capitol Park Museum (Baton Rouge, LA) October 24, 2014–March 1, 2015

Creative: Tronvig Group