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Title Date Object Number
The Campaigns of General Robert E. Lee 1872 LIB.XL.Box2.Early
Lease 1791-1792 MSS.295.HendricksPapers
Loss of the packet ship Albion 1822 LIB.SY.1822.28
From Robert Lincoln MSS.NavalHistory.1
The case of our fellow-creatures, the oppressed Africans, : respectfully recommended to the serious consideration of the Legislature of Great Britain, by the people called Quakers.. 1784 LIB.Y1784.FriendsAfr
Letter, "I estimate that an attack..." 1834 MSS.AHMC.Riots.NYC.1834.Comm.t
The Martyred President 1865 LIB.E457.8.R65
Cato: A Trajedy 1713 LIB.PR.3304.C36.1713
Songs of Freedom October 7, 1850 LIB.SY.1850.33
Pastoral Scene by Andrew R. Smith 1822 MSS.BV.AfricanFreeSchool.Vol4.
Two pages of Audubon's Subscription List to "The Birds of America" Double-Elephant Folio and Octavo Editions ca. 1826 MSS.BV.Audubon.1
The Birds of America 1840-1844 LIB.Y-q.1840.Audubon.Birds
Het gezandtschap der Neêrlandtsche Oost-Indische Companie... 1693 LIB.Y-q.1693.Nieuhof
Guia de la ciudad de Nueva York y sus alrededores, por A. B. M. 1872 LIB.F128.15.1872.G8
Subscription Circular for Purchase of Audubon watercolors for The Birds of America and miscellaneous birds and mannals (464 total) April 14, 1863 MSS.BV.Audubon.3
The Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant 1885-1886 LIB.XL.CT.G763.A3
Receipted bill, John Vernon to Benjamin White 1794 MSS.3
Thoughts on African Colonization 1832 LIB.E448.G24.1832
State of Connecticut response to Tilton September 3, 1864 MSS.AHMC.Tilton.1
A dialogue concerning the Slavery of the Africans 1776 LIB.Y1776.Hop.Dia
The Vigilance Committee Appeal 1844 LIB.SY.1844.39
Victory and Re-Union 1865 LIB.E456.T98
Groups of statuary 1877 LIB.NB237.R65.A41
Siamese Twins 1836 LIB.SY.1836.55
Rule of Three, with London Merchant 1816 MSS.BV.AfricanFreeSchool.Vol4.
The Birds of America 1840-1844 LIB.Y-q.1840.Audubon.Birds
Ornithological Biography, or, an Account of the Habits of the Birds of the United States of America; Accompanied by Descriptions of the Objects represented in the Work Entitled The Birds of America, and Interspersed with Delineations of American Scenery a LIB.Y-q.1831.A
A Brief Description of NEW-YORK: Formerly Called New-Netherlands.. 1670 LIB.Y.1670.Den
The queen of islands : and The king of rivers 1850 LIB.F1783.C3
Letter from John James Audubon to Ferdinand Rozier August 10, 1809 MSS.BV.Audubon.4
Republican campaign song: Lincoln & Hamlin 1860 LIB.SY.B1860.411
Receipted bill, Nicholas Roosevelt to Nicholas Bayard May 15, 1766 MSS.BV.Bayard, Nicholas.1
The Life of Arthur Tappan 1870 LIB.CT.T1746.T3
State of Minnesota response to Tilton September 9, 1864 MSS.AHMC.Tilton.2
Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral 1773 LIB.Y1773.Wheat
An Address Delivered by James M. Smith Aged 11 Years 1824 MSS.BV.AfricanFreeSchool.Vol4.
Provisional Constitution and Ordinances for the People of the United States 1858 LIB.KF4550.Z9.B76
The Dog's Grand Dinner Party ca. 1869 LIB.YC1869.Dog
Christy's and White's Ethiopian melodies : containing two hundred and ninety-one of the best and most popular and approved Ethiopian melodies ever written ca. 1854 LIB.M1670.C6
The American landscape. No 1 : Engraved from original and accurate drawings; executed from nature expressly for this work, and from well authenticated pictures; with historical and topographical illustrations 1830 LIB.Y-q.1830
Ornithological Biography, or, an Account of the Habits of the Birds of the United States of America; Accompanied by Descriptions of the Objects represented in the Work Entitled The Birds of America, and Interspersed with Delineations of American Scenery a LIB.Y-q.1831.A
The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands LIB.Y-f.1731.C
Speech of His Excellency George Washington, Esq; president of the United States of America, delivered to the Honorable the Congress LIB.SY.1789.39
The United States and its possessions[,] Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hawaii, Philippine Island and Alaska 1900 LIB.2N.L3.2.29
Two pages of Audubon's Subscription List to "The Birds of America" Double-Elephant Folio and Octavo Editions ca. 1826 MSS.BV.Audubon.1
Ye book of copperheads 1863 LIB.XS.E647.L52.1863
Dunbar's wonderful discovery: Bethesda mineral spring water of Waukesha, Wis. The acknowledged cure of Bright's disease and diabetes 1872 LIB.SY.1872.29
A word for the African: a sermon, for the benefit of the American colonization society, delivered in the Second Presbyterian church, Newark, July 24, 1825 1825 LIB.E448.H22
State of Delaware response to Tilton September 12, 1864 MSS.AHMC.Tilton.3
The History of the rise, progress and accomplishment of the abolition of the African slave-trade by the British Parliament 1808 LIB.HT1162.C6.1808
Important meeting of the African Civilization Society, at the Cooper Institute, Wednesday evening, March 7th, 1860, at eight o'clock 1860 LIB.SY.1860.48
A voice from Harper's Ferry : a narrative of events at Harper's Ferry, with incidents prior and subsequent to its capture by Captain Brown and his men 1861 LIB.CT.B8785.A5
The Fairy Gift 1939-1940 LIB.YC1838.Fairy
Shipping a piano from France to Louisiana 1860 MSS.Leverich.Papers.Box11.Fold
Miranda to Pres. Adam, March 24, 1798 1798 MSS.RufusKing.2
American Ornithology; or The Natural History of the Birds of the United States 1880 LIB.Y1808.W
Plea of Alexander Hamilton in case of Rutgers vs. Waddington February 14, 1784 MSS.IL2004.28.22
The Committees of both Houses of Congress, appointed to take order for conducting the ceremonial of the formal reception, & c. of the President of the United States 1789 LIB.SY.1789.35
In the tropics, / by a settler in Santo Domingo. 1863 LIB.F1931.F1133
Letter from John James Audubon to Ferdinand Rozier December 30, 1811 MSS.BV.Audubon.5
Telegram from Fair Oaks, Virginia to Edwin Vose Sumner 1862 MSS.War1861-1865.Dolan.2.McCle
The Gettysburg katalysine water : reports of physicians and the people of its wonderful cures : history of the spring. 1868 LIB.RA807.P41.G39
Eulogium on the Life and Character of William Wilberforce, Esq. 1833 LIB.HT.1029.W5.H9.1833
"In relation to Foreign Nations." Draft of Federalist #64 ca. 1788 MSS.JohnJayPapers.1
A Treatise on the Social Compact; or, the Principles of Politic Law 1797 LIB.Y1797.R
Great Attraction at the Masonic Hall...Joice Heth 1835 LIB.SY.1835.49
"The Harper's Ferry Insurrection - The U.S. Marines Storming the Engine-House - Insurgents Firing through Holes in the Doors" October 29, 1859 MSS.JohnBrown.1
Miss Vanity's Holiday After 1859 LIB.YC-f18.Mis
Address of the New-York City Anti-Slavery Society, to the people of the city of New-York 1833 LIB.E441.Box .N53282.A4
Pocket Map of the Panama Canal MSS.BV.Olcott
The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands LIB.QH41.C26.1974
Letter from Alexander Hamilton, Concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams, Esq., President of the United States, October 1800 MSS.IL2004.28.10
Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman ca. 1869 LIB.CT.T8855.B7
Our winter Eden : pen pictures of the tropics : with an appendix containing the Seward-Samana mystery now first made public 1878 LIB.F1939.517.C386
Letter from John James Audubon to Messers Little & Brown April 29, 1841 MSS.BV.Audubon.6
Letter home from a Union nurse concerning a contraband slave March 4th, 1862 MSS.AHMC.Blunt,Sarah
Dietary tables for invalids, and price list of invalid, infants', ordinary and diabetic foods, receipts for invalid and diabetic cookery, and diabetic menu. 1888 LIB.RC662.G86
A memoir of Granville Sharp : to which is added Sharp's "Law of passive obedience," and an extract from his "Law of retribution" 1836 LIB.HT1162.S85
First Report of the Committee of the Whole Convention 1787 MSS.RufusKing.1
Rights of Man Being in Answer to Mr. Burke's Attack on the French Revolution 1791 LIB.JC177.C18.1791
Morgan Iron Works 1861 MSS.BV.War1861-1865.UnionDefen
Properties, Including Vacant Plots, Foreclosed in Manhattan During 1930-1931-1932 March 29, 1933 LIB.F128.HD251.R28
Heedless Johnny 1870 LIB.YC1870.Hee
Letter about ordering uniforms from Brooks Bros. MSS.Morgan.E.D.LargeFolio.2
Journael Gehouden opt’ schip den gulden Bever en tschip den gulden Otter van de Manathans naer Patria Ende Wedrom naer de Manathans (Journal kept aboard the Ship the Golden Beaver and the Ship the Golden Otter from the Manhattans to Patria and the return) October 1660- June 1663 MSS.Ships.Journals.1600
Presentation scroll given to NY DA Hugh Maxwell by the Merchants of the City of New York 1829 LIB.Y-1829
Miscegenation: the theory of the blending of the races, applied to the American white man and negro.. 1864 LIB.E185.62.C76.1864
Particular draughts and plans of some of the principal towns and harbours belonging to the English, French, and Spaniards, in America and West Indies. 1752 LIB.NS12.M9.1.11
Letter from Maria Martin (Mrs. John Bachman) to Lucy Bakewell Audubon 1843-1850 MSS.BV.Audubon.7
Terms of Surrender April 9, 1865 MSS.BV.Grant
The islands of Langerhans : their relation to diabetes mellitus. 1905 LIB.RC660.I85
Minutes of the 4th Annual Convention for the Improvement of the Free People of Color 1834 LIB.Y1831-1835.Convent AF-Amer
Plan of the City of New York 1776 LIB.NS3.M36.1.3ab
Observations on Paine's Rights of Man, in a series of letters by Publicola (JQAdams) 1791-1792 LIB.JC177.H5.A31
Get off the track! : a song for Emmancipation, sung by the Hutchinsons, respectfully dedicated to Nath.l P. Rogers, as a mark of esteem for his intrepidity in the cause of human rights 1844 LIB.M1622a.Hutchinson
Letter June 13, 1873 MSS.BuchPapers.1
"St. Nicholas. Dec. 6th. A.D. 343" 1810 LIB.SY.1810.94
Pictorial map of New York and vicinity, showing the suburban towns, and railroad and water communications 1871 LIB.NS4.M32.3.10.1
A journall, with observations on my travail from Boston in N.E. to N.Y., New Jersies, & Philadelphia... 1697 MSS.BV.Benjamin.Bullivant
The Fugitive Slave Bill, its History and Unconstitutionality 1850 LIB.E441.Box.A5122.F7
The Great West 1859 LIB.F593.D17.1857
A Plan of the City and Environs of New York as they were in the Years 1742-1743 & 1744 1813 LIB.NS13.M2.1.1
Letter from Lucy Green Bakewell Audubon to her grandchild Lucy June 5, 1872 MSS.BV.Audubon.8
Doubleday Journal MSS.BV.Doubleday
Diabetes, its treatment by insulin and diet; a handbook for the patient 1925 LIB.RC909.P5
Declaration of sentiments of the American Anti-Slavery Society : adopted at the formation of said society, in Philadelphia, on the 4th day of December, 1833 Publication: 1848-1855 LIB.E449.A53.1848
Slave Sale Document MSS.BeekmanFamily.1
Outlines of an Historical View of the Progress of the Human Kind 1796 LIB.Y1796.C
Letter from Jose M. Morales to Moses Taylor November 23, 1836 MSS.Moses.Taylor.papers
Wonderful Willie! : What he and Tommy did to Spain / sketches and rhymes by L.D. Bradley. ca. 1899 LIB.PZ7.B66.W6
Old Christmas : from the Sketch book of Washington Irving 1878 LIB.PS2069.C4
Howes & Gardener's Olympic Arena Announcment 1844 LIB.Y.1844.Howes
Ledger, 1678-1684 1678-1684 MSS.BV.Clopper.Ledger.1678
Telegram, New Orleans, 1858 1858 MSS.LeverichFamilyPapers.2
Reynolds's political map of the United States 1856 LIB.NS4.M32.5.20
Map of the United States 1853 LIB.NS11.M13.3.19
Letter from Lucy Green Bakewell Audubon to her grandchild Lucy September 8, 1870 MSS.BV.Audubon.9
Indenture of Peter van Dyck and Cornelia, his Wife, Documenting the Administration of Margrieta van Varick's Estate September 4, 1719 MSS.VanCortlandtPapers.vanDyck
The Crayon 1855 LIB.N1.C9.Vol1
The Child's Anti-Slavery Book 1859 LIB.E449.C5372
Observations sur l'origine et les progres du prejuge des colons blancs contre les hommes de couleur; sur les inconveniens de le perpetuer; la necessite, la facilite de la detruire; sur le projet du Comite colonial..., etc. 1791 LIB.Y1788
Walker's Appeal, In Four Articles 1829 LIB.E441.Box.W1784.W3
Lynch-Stoughton Journal 1783-1788 MSS.BV.Lynch.Stoughton
The sketch book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. 1819 LIB.Y1819.Irv.Ske
The Suffrage Question in Relation to Colored Voters in the State of New York 1860 LIB.SY.1860.140
Poems, Henricus Selyns 1659-1686 MSS.BV.Selyns
Letter of Eustace Surget, New Orleans, October 20, 1860 1860 MSS.LeverichFamilyPapers.1
Volunteers wanted! An attack on Washington anticipated!!... 1861 LIB.SY.1861.133
A history of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus 1828 LIB.Y1828.Irv.Chr
Ornithological Biography - Draft for "Tyrant Flycatcher" 1831-1849 LIB.Y1831.no287
"Abe" Lincoln's yarns and stories 1901 LIB.CT.L7.M24
The Crayon 1855 LIB.N1.C9.Vol2
The Slave's Friend, Vol II 1836 LIB.YC.1836.Slaves Friend Vol
Petition November 28, 1776 MSS.Y1776
Examen du gouvernement D'Angleterre, compare aux constitutions des etats-unis 1789 LIB.JK291.S76
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl 1862 LIB.Y1862.Jacobs
Map of the Borough of Manhattan of the City of New York, showing relation between the distribution of foreign stock and negro population with the dissemination of communist and socialist propaganda during the summer of 1932 1932 LIB.NS11.M14.1.20
"A Visit from St. Nicholas" 1862 MSS.BV.Moore.1
Bicycling for Women PR.031.4
Totius Neobelgii Nova Et Accuratissima Tabula After 1674 LIB.NS4.M31.1.28
Dawson and Ferguson Slave Sale 1843 MSS.Ogden.3
Ossawattomie Brown ca. 1859 LIB.PS699.Box.S9738.O7
The free flag of Cuba, or, The martyrdom of Lopez : a tale of the liberating expedition of 1851 1855 LIB.Y1855.Hard
Ornithological Biography or An Account of the Habits of the Birds of the United States of America, Volume 1 LIB.Yq.1831A.c2.vol1
Ornithological Biography or An Account of the Habits of the Birds of the United States of America, Volume 2 LIB.Yq.1831A.c2.vol2
Abraham Lincoln: The Prarie Years 1926 LIB.CT.L7.S22
Miranda to Rufus King, August 23, 1803 1803 MSS.RufusKing.3
A lecture on the Haytien revolutions: with a sketch of the character of Toussaint L'Ouverture 1841 LIB.CT.Box.T7347.S5
Call for Troops July 2, 1864 MSS.Lincoln.1
The Ruins, or A Survey of the Revolutions of Empires 1796 LIB.Y1796.V
My Bondage and My Freedom 1855 LIB.CT.D7375.A2.1855
Shipping and account books 1790-1825 MSS.BV.RhinelanderFamily.1
"Santa Claus in Camp" January 3, 1863 LIB.E171.H29.5
Bayard account book, 1742-43 MSS.BV.Bayard.1
Novi Belgii Novaque Angliae Nec Non Partis Virginiae Tabula After 1655 LIB.NS4.M31.1.38
Henry Leverich Commerical Memo Book 1831 MSS.LeverichFamilyPapers.3
Address of John Brown to the Virginia Court 1859 LIB.SY.1859.107
Regionum Indicarum per Hispanos olim devastatarum accuratissima descrptio, : insertis figuris æneis ad vivum fabrefactis. 1664 LIB.Y-Bind.Bed.Cas
Ali Baba y los cuarenta ladrones. ca. 1864 LIB.YC1864.Ali
The Birds of America, Royal Octavo edition, Volume 1, no. 12, plate 65, The Tyrant Flycatcher or King-Bird MSS.royal.octavo.edition.vol1.
Abraham Lincoln: The War Years 1939 LIB.CT.L7.S23
The definitive treaty of peace and friendship, between His Britannick Majesty, the Most Christian King, and the King of Spain : concluded at Paris, the 10th day of February, 1763, to which, the King of Portugal acceded on the same day... 1763 LIB.Y1763.Tre
A Dissertation on the Influence of Climate on Longevity 1846 LIB.GF71.S65.1846
"In Memoriam" April 22, 1865 MSS.1
Histoire philosophique et politiue des etablissements et du commerce des Europeens dans les deux Indes 1778 LIB.D22.R26.1778
Contracts for Clothing, Equipment, and Supplies for Troops August 1, 1861 - March 1, 1862 MSS.BV.Morgan.Contracts
The Alhambra 1832 LIB.PS2056.A1.1832
Santa Claus and his Works 1870 LIB.YC1870.Web
Every lady's book: an instructor in the art of making every variety of plain and fancy cakes, pastry, confectionery, blanc mange, jellies…by a lady of New York. LIB.TX715.C93.1844
Purchas his pilgrimes: In five books 1625 LIB.Y.1625.P
Petition from Lydia Heckle to Marinus Willett, Mayor of New York, re: Miranda expedition, May 16, 1807 1807 MSS.NewYorkCity.Misc.1
Contract with Brooks Brothers for Civil War Uniforms MSS.Morgan.E.D.LargeFolio.1
The New national air. "Nigger Doodle Dandy." : Air--."Yankee Doodle." 1864 LIB.SY1865.300
Poesias de Don José María Heredia, ministro de la Audiencia de Méjico 1862 LIB.PQ.7389.H3.A17
The Birds of America, Volume 2, no 20, plate 99, Connecticut Warbler / 1. Male 2. Female MSS.royal.octavo.edition.vol2.
"Voluntary Relief" ledger 1861 MSS.BV.War1861-1865.UnionDefen
Declaration of Independence 1776 LIB.SY.1776.4
Brown Brothers Correspondence Ledger 1825 MSS.BrownBrothers.FirstLedger.
Continental Army, NY Regiment, 2nd Orderly Book 1779 MSS.BV.War.OrderlyBooks.1
An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti: comprehending a view of the principal transactions in the revolution of Saint Domingo; with its antient and modern state 1805 LIB.F1923.R15.1
Uncle Tom's Cabin Vol. 1 1852 LIB.PS2954.U5.1852b
A Companion to the Heart of the Andes 1859 LIB.ND237.BoxC
A lunar calendar, of the festivals, and other days in the year, observed by the Israelites. 1806 LIB.AY291.L7
De Bow's Review 1861 LIB.HFI.D2.vol.30.Feb.1861
Beschryvinge van Nieuvv-Nederlant 1656 LIB.Y.1656.D
A short sketch of the first voyage across the Atlantic ocean, and landing of Christopher Columbus on the Americn shore, in 1492. / taken from Irving’s abridgement of his life. 1833 LIB.YC1833.Irv Colum
Register, 1845 1845 MSS.BV.Hotels
The N. O. massacre 1866 LIB.SY.1866.43
Illustrated guide to the Brooklyn Navy Yard 1901 LIB.VA70.N65.B7
The Birds of America, Volume 6, no 75, plate 375, American Flamingo / Adult Male MSS.royal.octavo.edition.vol6.
Petition to Abraham Lincoln for recruitment of black troops ca. 1862 MSS.BV.Petitions
Considerations on keeping Negroes; recommended to the professors of Christianity, of every denomination. : Part second. 1762 LIB.Y1762.Woolman
Men of Mark: Eminent, Progressive and Rising 1887 LIB.E185.96.S45
Samuel L. Mitchell to John Pintard April 3, 1810 MSS.BV.Meigs.1
Original wood blocks from the archives of McLoughlin Brothers, Publishers, New York ca. 1978 LIB.NC965.J92.1978
Anticipations of the future, to serve as lessons for the present time. In the form of extracts of letters from an English resident in the United States, to the London Times, from 1864 to 1870 1860 LIB.E438.R92.1860
An historical and true account of the cruel massacre and slaughter of 20,000,000 of people in the West Indies by the Spaniards 1898 LIB.E714.BoxC
Lunar calendar for the ensuing thirty-two years. 1869 LIB.SY.1869.45
Soldier John Kirkham's Certificate of Service in Corcoran's Irish Legion MSS.William.D.Murphy.Papers
Oud en nieuw Oost-Indiën... Volume 5, part 1 (deel 5, stuk 1) 1724-1726 LIB.Y.1724.V
Beldad y la Bestia 1864 LIB.YC1864.Beau
Letter of CH Austin to Ferguson & Walker, Apalachicola, September 29, 1845 1845 MSS.Ogden.1
A Song for the times, or John Brown 1860-1870 LIB.SY.B1860.104
Grant's the man. 1864 LIB.SY.B1864.133
Can we afford to rule subject peoples? /by Felix Adler ; extracts from an address delivered before the Society for Ethical Culture, March 18, 1900 1900 LIB.E713.BoxA
Leverich Papers Reciept Books 1831 MSS.Leverich.Papers.Box.54.Boo
Archbishop Hughes to Thurlow Weed April 21, 1861 MSS.AHMC.Hughes
Some historical account of Guinea, its situation, produce and the general disposition of its inhabitants. 1771 LIB.Y1771.BenSom
To The Honorable Cornelius W. Lawrence, Mayor of New York 1834 LIB.SY.1834.25
George Washington to the Hon'ble Mayor, Recorder, Alderman & Commonalty of the City of New York MSS.2
Grand bobalition of slavery!! : Grand and most helligunt selebrashun of de bobalition of slabery in de Nited Tate ob Neu Englunt, and commonwet of Bosson in the contry of Masasa-chuse-it 1817 LIB.SY.1817.82
Alabama document, signed by Genl Assembly, Jan 9, 1836, countersigned by Secy of State, Jan 21, 1836 1836 MSS.AHMC.Alabama
A Catalogue of the different specimens of cloth collected in the three voyages of Captain Cook, to the Southern hemisphere : with a particular account of the manner of the manufacturing the same in the various islands of the South Seas... 1787 LIB.Y1787
To The People of Louisiana, Their Executive and Representatives Greeting January 29, 1861 MSS.Misc. MSS Wood,Fernando
Take a trip to Yorktown on the mommoth steamer Rosedale June 30, 1907 LIB.SY.1907.9
Indiæ Orientalis. II. pars : in qva Iohan. 1599 LIB.Y-q.1598.Ind
A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus 1829 LIB.E111.172.1829
Letter of George P. Bowers to Ferguson and Walker 1844 MSS.Ogden.2
An elementary course of civil engineering 1846 LIB.TA145.M34.1837
Prayers for Shabbath, Rosh-Hashanah, and Kippur, or the Sabbath...According to the Order of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews. 1766 LIB.Y1766.Sid.Pra
Invoice for Sea Island Cotton 1821 MSS.Ogden.4
Broadside with original black crepe ca. 1865 MSS.BV.AlbertGallatin.Papers
An Address to the inhabitants of the British Settlements in America, upon slave-keeping 1773 LIB.Y1773.RushAddress
American Bastille LIB.E458.8.M36.1870F.XL
Personal Forgiveness and Public Justice 23 April 1864 LIB.CT.L7.BoxB
Common Sense 1776
Office of the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, 61 John Street, New-York, Nov. 1, 1850. : Dear Sir, the annexed pledge is sent to you with an earnest request that you will do all in your power, with the aid of friends of the cause in your localit September 18, 1850 LIB.SY.1850.76
New School Building ca. 1816-1826 MSS.BV.AfricanFreeSchool.Vol4.
Communication from His Honor the Mayor, Fernando Wood, Transmitted to the Common Council of New York, January 7th, 1861 1861 LIB.JS1234.A14.1861
Illustrations of cholera asphyxia in its different stages. Selected from cases treated at the Cholera Hospital, Rivington Street 1832 LIB.Y1832.Bart.Cholera
Beschryving des keizerryks van Taising of Sina . . . 1670 LIB.Y-q.1670.Dapper
Guía de Nueva York, para uso de los Españoles é Hispanoamericanos... 1863 LIB.F128.15.1863.A4
Resolution for the Purchase of Audubon's watercolors for The Birds of America by the Committee of 15 of the New-York Historical Society April 7, 1863 MSS.BV.Audubon.2
Napoleon's Authorization for the Sale of the Louisiana Territory April 24, 1803 MSS.Y1803
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