Weekend Hour Changes

On Friday, January 19 the Library will close at 2:30 pm and the Museum will close at 6 pm. On Saturday, January 20 the Museum will open at 3 pm.

Historical Artifacts


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Title Date Object Number
Game of Race Around the World 1898 2000.399
Lotion jar 1930-1960 2002.1.1599
The Walt Disney Collection, Alice in Wonderland doll late 20th c. 2003.39.1
Ribbon Z.2080
Box/ Food 1890-1930 2002.1.879
Tobacco 1920-1940 2002.1.2928
Office supply 1940-1960 2002.1.4714
Ashtray 1920-1960 2002.1.384
Badge 20th century INV.2304
Toy side chair 1880-1920 INV.7945


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